1. How does YouBid work?

      • YouBid is a trusted national auction platform in South Africa.
      • Buyers can participate in online auctions to bid on various vehicles, including accident-damaged cars, salvage cars, insurance cars, passenger cars, and bakkies (pickup trucks) Trucks, Classic Cars and even Machinery.
      • Sellers can list their vehicles for auction, reaching a wide audience of potential buyers.
    2. What types of vehicles can I find on YouBid?

      • YouBid offers a variety of vehicles, including:
        • Used Cars: Affordable options for everyday use.
        • Accident-Damaged Cars: Vehicles that have been in accidents but can still be repaired.
        • Insurance Cars: Previously insured vehicles.
        • Salvage Cars: Vehicles with significant damage but potential for restoration.
        • Bakkies (Pickup Trucks): Ideal for commercial or personal use .
        • Trucks
        • Classic Cars
        • Machinery 
        • Property
    3. How do I participate in an auction on YouBid?

      • Create an account on the YouBid platform.
      • Browse the available vehicles.
      • Place bids during the timed auctions.
      • If you win the auction, follow the payment and collection process.
    4. What are the benefits of buying with YouBid?

      • Affordability: Find cars at low prices that fit your budget.
      • Convenience: Participate in online auctions from anywhere.
      • Wide Selection: Choose from a variety of vehicle types and conditions.
      • Trusted Platform: YouBid is a reputable auction service in South Africa.